ALerT, NFR, and youth involvement

NFR (the Norwegian Research Council) is recognizing the importance of involving the youth in shaping future ICT research and innovation. Last year an expert panel involving students from 6 upper secondary schools has given input to NFR in connection to the IKTPLUSS call “Data and services everywhere”.

Today, NFR reports on a workshop that was held together with ALerT to get input for the design of games increasing awareness of data sharing. Read here! (in Norwegian)

ALert is a phase 1 IKTPLUSS project coordinated by the Norwegian Computing Center, in which we are involved for game design.

As Hilde Erlandsen, NFR expert on digitalization, says, it is important for researchers to bring in the experiences of the youngest and, at the same time, it is important for students to be exposed and contribute to research.

Way to go! This is fully in line with our vision in ALerT, Excited and in UMI-Sci-Ed.

Stay tuned and, hopefully, you will see more of this.