William Tisdall on crowdsourcing and information sharing

 William is currently working on his  specialization project which addresses information needs among immigrants settling in Norway. The project explores possibilities of designing a mobile crowdsourced video learning platform for context specific information sharing. A system like this would allow people to share information, experiences and knowledge from specific contexts through user generated videos and video annotations. Users of the system would then be able to browse the catalogue of videos and utilize them as tools for personal empowerment.

The project includes concept development based on requirements gathered from a document analysis and grounded in the knowledge base through a literature review. The initial concept design is currently being finalized and is about to be evaluated through interviews with experts and users to gather feedback. This feedback will be used as groundwork for the master thesis, wherein the intial concept design will be refined through testing, evaluation and redesign iterations. The final product of the master thesis will be a functional prototype which will be tested in the field.